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Asproyes: White dry organic wine from the Greek variety Malagouzia and the French one Chardonnay. It΄s a wine rich in aromas of blossoms and fruits and can be easily combined with many plates. Packaging 6 bottles 750ml laying flat.

Rigma: Red dry organic wine from Merlot 85% and Cabernet Sauvignon 15%. It΄s a red elegant wine in its fruity aromas and smooth tannins, aged 9 months in oak barrels and 12 months in bottles. Packaging 6 bottles 750ml laying flat.

Moscato di Talanti: Semi-dry white organic wine of the Muscat white variety. Discover its fruity and floral aromas in a full unforgettable taste.

Bag in box wine containing 5-10-20 liters White, Rosé, Red.

Grape juice from organic grapes during the vintage period.

Wine gifts